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Dakea Better PVCu Centre Pivot Roof Window
Width: min 550mm, max 1340mm
Height: min 780mm, max 1600mm
Dakea Better PVCu Centre Pivot Roof Window
Dakea Better PVCu Centre Pivot Roof Window
Dakea Better PVCu Centre Pivot Roof Window
Dakea Better PVCu Centre Pivot Roof Window
Dakea Better PVCu Centre Pivot Roof Window
  • Excellent thermal efficiency
  • Robust, contemporary white PVCu frame
  • Argon filled, toughened double glazing
  • Outer pane coated to stay cleaner for longer
  • Ventilation value for fresh air even when sash is closed
  • Free quick install underfelt collar included

Dakea Better roof windows are an energy efficient, stylish option for your loft conversion or home extension. Not only will they add daylight, fresh air and comfort to your living space, they will complement your original (or replacement) PVCu windows and doors.

Energy efficient design

This window will help keep your living space snug in the colder months. The PVCu profile's inner chambers are polystyrene filled. The double glazing, with a toughened outer pane, has a 24mm argon-filled gap. This, along with a robust, durable construction, improves the window's insulation performance and lowers the U-value.

Not only that, the outer pane has a special coating that stops the build up of dirt and dried the glass faster and with less streaks after rain, so you get to enjoy clearer views for longer.

Stylish, durable finish

This roof window is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. The frame is waterproof and easy to keep clean, making it invulnerable to high humidity rooms. Plus, it has a ventilation valve to freshen steamy rooms without the need to leave the sash open.

Product details

Code Dakea Better KPA
Internal finish White
Internal material Lead-free PVC
Steel reinforced Yes
External finish Lacquered aluminium (RAL 7043)
24mm double glazing Yes
Self-clean coating Yes
Low E coating Yes
Argon gas Yes
Toughened outer pane Yes
Laminated No
Ug-value 1.1 WW/m2K
Handle Ergonomic, lacquered zinc
Roof pitch 15-90°
Flashing required Yes
Underfelt foil collar included Yes
Insulation foam collar included No
Delivery 1 working day
Guarantee 10 years basic; 20 years extended

Dakea, a sister company of VELUX, is part of The VKR Group, the largest roof window manufacturing company.

Dakea Better PVCu Centre Pivot Roof Window

£181.05 +VAT

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